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Suspicious File Checker

Suspicious File Checker


Suspicious File Checker, Enhance Your Computer Security, With Android.

Many of us have android and windows computer, and generally we use our mobile phone as an extra gear of there pc. We download or copy files from others pc, then transfer files to our Computer. But the files may be a threat for pc. There may be suspicious file in phone storage or memory card. Suspicious file can't be identified in phones.


This app is the solution. With Suspicious File Checker, you can scan for suspicious files in your memory card, and see which files may be a threat for your computer. Then you have three options:

1. You can permanently REMOVE them, if you think they are really dangerous.

2. If you are not sure, you can just RENAME them, so they can't do any harm. You can REPAIR renamed files from menu if you need them.

3. If you think, the files are clear to go, you can keep them as they are.

Note: Perform Every actions at your own risk. We are not responsible for any of your loss.


1. How to FIND Suspicious files?
Ans: Just Open Suspicious File Checker and click on Scan button.

2. How to DELETE Suspicious files?
Ans: After Scan, Select files which are not trusted or useful. then press Remove button. Then press Yes. Note: Delete can\'t be undone. So, do at your own risk.

3. How to DISABLE Suspicious files?
Ans: After Scan, Select files which are not trusted or useful. then press Rename button. Then press Yes.
Note: You can bring back files to previous state any time, from Repair Renamed menu item.

4. How to REPAIR renamed/disabled files?
Ans: From menu, click on Repair Renamed menu item. Now Press Scan button to find renamed/disabled files. After Scan complete, select the files which you want to repair, and press Repair button. Then press Yes.

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